Wednesday, 9 December 2009

1 season in 10 minutes

How do you sum up a season’s racing in just 10 minutes? Like this. This is the official highlight reel of the 2009 DTM championship.

That’s all that needs to be said, really. Just watch, and you’ll see that it speaks more for itself than I could ever write about it. It is just simply stunning. Enjoy.


Pat W said...

This is a great find, I really enjoyed it.
It didn't review the season all that well but that actually didn't matter one bit, it was really well put together and puts across the 'feel' of the series.

RubberGoat said...

This is a great video - and TBH, it got me excited about a series that I don't normally care for - these cars have way too much aero and are too fragile to be touring cars - also, they could do with a couple more manufacturers and not keep offloading obsolete machinery to other teams too...

...anyway, good to see that my idea in my head that 'Invaders Must Die' by the Prodigy would be a great song for a Touring Car video was a good one - just wished I had gotten around to making one now!