Monday, 15 June 2009

Question time

NOTE: Read the end of this post for an update

As you’ll have seen in a blog post I did last week, I am going to be attending the British GP next weekend thanks to Puma Motorsport, as a guest of one of the 5 teams they supply. Well, I’ve now found out which team that’s going to be – Renault. Now, it does seem a little ironic that all this time Nelson Piquet hasn’t been my favourite driver in the world (far from it, actually) and now I have to sit in the same room as him, asking him and Fernando Alonso questions. Still, good experience and all that.

After hearing this news, I thought to myself – this is all about getting an insight to the fans as to what goes on behind the scenes at a GP weekend. So in a way it would seem maybe a little selfish if I only asked questions that I wanted answers, like why Piquet is completely and utterly…oops, almost forgot where I was going with that one…anyway… So, after a bit of thought, I decided to include some questions from other F1 fans that I associate with on the web, particularly Sidepodcast.

So, to anyone who happens to read or know about my blog, if you do have any questions for Fernando and Nelson that you want answering, then please leave them in the comments. I will compile a list of them and print them off to take to Silverstone. I will ask if we keep them sensible and realistic and nothing like “Nelson, why are you so rubbish?” or “Fernando, why do you hate Lewis Hamilton?”. While it may be a great experience for me, this is still serious business.

So, get thinking and I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

EDIT: Have found out that it will be the BMW drivers, Robert Kubica and Nick Heidfeld that I will be meeting and not Alonso and Piquet like I first thought. All questions are now for Robert and Nick instead. Also, if you have any for Anthony Davidson, then please do post them too. Thanks!


Bassano Clapper said...

Are Nelsinho & Fake Nelson Twitter friends?

Fernando said...

Nelsinho, are the rumours that you will be replacing Raikonnen at Ferrari true? (Go on, dare you)

Lou said...

I'm so jealous you get to meet Fernando!

A question for Fernando-
'How different has the overall atmosphere been within the team over the last few years compared to 2005 and 2006?'

And a question for Nelson-
'within the paddock is there much of an interest in interacting with the fans over micro blogging sites like twitter?'

Rich Knight said...

Congratulations on winning this opportunity.

The question I have is for Fernando, assuming you were to move to a new team which of the current F1 drivers would be your preferred team mate?

A second question could be in the press it has been reported that you greatly admire Ferrari. Do you own a Ferrari road car, if not which Ferrari road car would you like to own?

A final question when Fernando won his last World Championship he was also presented with his Renault F1 car. Does he still have it and where does he keep it and has he driven it since then?

R.G said...

Mr Kubica, why are you such a whiny muppet and when will you move on?

And now the serious questions.

Mr Klien, do you see yourself with a possibility with a future in Formula 1, or do you prefer sports car racing?

Mr Heidfeld, do you think BMW will provide you with a race win and when realistically can you get that all elusive victory?