Monday, 5 January 2009

RLB - The said confrontation (Indy)

(Just to make it clear, this isn't real. It's just something I wrote to go along with my qualifying RP for Indianapolis. Also, even though it's blanked out, there is a bit of bad language.)

Scott: *shouts* Hey Carter!
*Ryan looks over*
Scott: *shouts* Get over here.
*Ryan dispondantly walks over ignoring the request to "leave it" by team boss Kalvin Filarski*
Ryan: What do you want?
Scott: I just wanted to say what everyone else hasn't been able to.
Ryan: Oh yeah and what's that?
Scott: Change your attitude, Ryan. It stinks.
Ryan: What?!
Scott: You heard.
Ryan: Where the f*** do you get off saying that to me?
Scott: I watched you towards the media. I've seen you in the paddock. The way you act, it's like you don't care how serious this business is.
Ryan: F*** you man, you don't know me.
Scott: Wouldn't want to either.
Ryan: Hey if you don't like it, you can get lost, a**hole.
*Scott begins to walk away*
Scott: Just don't come crying to me when that attitude of yours makes you incompotent.
Ryan: What the f*** did you say?!
Scott: You see? What I'm talking about happening right in front of me. You get angry too easily, Carter. You need to control yourself better. Otherwise, no-one will want you. You'll be all washed up.
Ryan: Hey, I have more points than you. That means I'm the better driver. You got that?
Scott: 8 points ahead. That's nothing. It's how you act as a driver that matters, just as much as how you perform. Though looking at you, I'm thinking you're more focused on whether you're inbred or not.
*Ryan grabs Scott by his overalls*
Ryan: Alright, that's it! You and me, right now, punk!
Scott: If I was a punk, I'd listen to Sum 41. Now get your hands off me, would you?
Ryan: What? You too chicken to fight?
Scott: No, I'm just not that stupid.
*Members of Forsythe pull Ryan off and hold him back*
Ryan: Get the f*** off me!
Forsythe Mechanic: Leave him, Ryan. He's not worth it.
Scott: Hmph, typical Americans. Can't resolve a problem by talking so they have to use their fists.
*Scott begins to walk away, but stops*
Scott:...And another thing - lose the cap. You're not 10 years old. Although sometimes, it's hard to tell.
*Ryan tries to go after him but is held back. Scott walks off while Ryan is ushered off, still red with anger.*