Monday, 5 January 2009

RLB - Top 10 for AGR despite Woodwiss-Carter confrontation

Qualifying for tomorrow's Indianapolis 500 will see only two teams have both cars starting inside the top 10. Vision Racing is one of them and the other will be the home team Andretti Green Racing. Although it could so easily have been different for AGR after team driver Scott Woodwiss was seen getting into an altercation with Forsythe Racing's Ryan Carter.

Woodwiss has been quoted in press conferences as saying he isn't a fan of the British-American driver's attitude as a whole and insiders from both teams tell us this was the subject at hand during the said confrontation. Nevertheless, it didn't seem to affect Scott as he firmly put his Lola-Honda 5th on the grid for the classic 500-miler. Carter, however didn't seem to have recovered from it too well as a major mistake on his first lap seriously damaged any hopes of a good starting place and he will start from 18th. The second AGR Lola of Daniel Quick also showed speed, although not as much as he had done in practice, and planted himself 9th.

Scott Woodwiss:
"5th is brilliant for myself and the team, we've really worked hard as you know to keep the car in top form off the back of our 2nd place in Nazareth and so far it's going all to plan. I had a small slip on the 2nd lap when the rear end slid out wide coming off Turn 2, but nevertheless an excellent result. I'm happy that Daniel could join me in the top 10 and I hope we'll both have good races tomorrow."

"As you guys probably will have seen, there was an exchanging of words between myself and Ryan (Carter). Basically, I just told him what I've been saying about him before and that was to rethink how his attitude is perceived by others. I remember when I tried acting all high and mighty like that and it only got me into trouble. Still, it's his choice whether to ignore it or not, I was just trying to help. If he wants to be an a***hole then good luck to him."